Microsoft - Technical Account Manager Job

Microsoft - Technical Account Manager Job

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Microsoft - Technical Account Manager Job 10 6 99

Technical Account Manager Job

Date: Aug 6, 2013
Location: Cyprus - Non Location Specific, CY
Job Category: Customer Service & Support
Location: Cyprus - Non Location Specific, CY
Job ID: 846566-119732
Division: Devices and Studios Engineering

Technical Account Manager, FTE, Cyprus 

Job Purpose: 

Microsoft Cyprus is looking for an experienced professional to act as a trusted business advisor to Microsoft's Premier Services customers in Cyprus providing valuable guidance around operations and optimization of their IT infrastructure through quality Service Delivery Management. By maintaining a long-term relationship with customers, a Technical Account Manager gains an understanding of the customers' IT organizations' impact on overall business, their IT goals, and their pain points.

Key Tasks:

Understanding Customers’ IT environment and operations, assessing risks and needs and recommending appropriate service offerings; 
Coordinating resolution of complex support issues effectively, escalating as necessary for confirmation of solutions or other options as needed;
Working with management when necessary to resolve sensitive issues;
Documenting recommendations formally via service delivery plan and presenting to customer and virtual account team unit; 
Managing the delivery of recommended/agreed-upon services to achieve high customer satisfaction and trust;
Making good, timely and financially sound decisions with moderate uncertainty or pressure on a consistent basis;
Determining the most effective method of problem resolution by utilizing internal resources when necessary;
Forecasting the resources needed to deliver the agreed services for the upcoming 12 months;
Actively supporting services organization to grow the business


- University degree (C.S./E.E. degree preferred) and fluency in English;
- ITIL Foundation certificate or equivalent proven knowledge related to ITSM disciplines preferred;
- 3+ years of experience in an enterprise customer space with a strong understanding of corporate account support needs and wide knowledge of IT industry;
- Excellent organization, communication, project management, negotiation and problem solving skills; 

Technical competence in at least 2 of the following areas: 

Microsoft operating systems, server products, networking architecture, messaging architecture, and/or database architecture;

- Current MCSE and previous account management experience preferred; 
- Willing to travel to customers’ sites , 50-60% of time;
- Contributes to team operational excellence by active design of and participation in community initiatives.

It’s your chance to:

Join a very high profile global team who are leading the growth of Microsoft
Help sell world-class solutions targeted to address your customer’s most pressing business needs
Develop deep relationships with key enterprise customers 
Grow and broaden your skills via ongoing formalized training together with participation in internal and external events 

Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity. Join an international work environment that is characterized by flexibility, an informal atmosphere, and a fast pace, where you will have the best tools and technologies at your fingertips and a unique chance for personal development.

Please note that only short listed candidates will be contacted. All applications will be considered under the terms and conditions of confidentiality in accordance with the regulations of personal data protection.


Job Segments: Account Manager, IT Manager, Information Technology, Engineer, Manager, Sales, Technology, Engineering, Management


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