IKEA Company Business Analyst

IKEA Company Business Analyst

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IKEA Company Business Analyst 10 6 99

Τίτλος : Company Business Analyst(CBA_0916)
Τελευταία Ενημέρωση : 28/9/2016 1:13:00 μμ

IKEA is the leading company in the world in home furnishings including 364 stores in 46 countries. IKEA started its operation in Greece through House Market, a member of Fourlis Group of Companies, counting today 5 stores in Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Ioannina) and 5 Pick-Up-Points (Rhodes, Patras, Chania, Irakleion, Komotini), 1 store in Cyprus (Nicosia) and 1 in Bulgaria (Sofia). With a vision to create a better everyday life for the many people, IKEA – HouseMarket has been awarded numerous awards. ικεα

IKEA Finance and Business Navigation, is about navigating the growth of IKEA and steer the business towards sustained long term profitability by: 
• being driven by the IKEA business idea, culture and values, with a focus on sustainable profitability 
• being a proactive trustworthy partner taking a multidimensional view in becoming the leader in life at home
• identifying and evaluating business opportunities to enable IKEA organizations to make optimum decisions 
• initiating and supporting the development of new ways of working, with focus on simplicity
• providing relevant and user friendly business information standardized for all IKEA organizations

For our store in Nicosia, Cyprus, we are looking for a: 
Company Business Analyst
(ref: CBA_0916)
Reporting to the Company Finance Mgr Planning & Controlling, you will be responsible and accountable for:
• To analyze the performance of all divisions using relevant business KPI’S, suggesting the necessary actions
• To prepare and distribute all Company Commercial Reporting
• To ensure that all finance data (actual, historical, budgets) are correctly monitored by the Company’s financial IT systems
• To assist in the preparation and correct presentation of all company financial related reports 
• To perform feasibility studies, financial evaluations of new investments and follow up their performance
• To perform any other relevant responsibilities assigned by the company

You have:
• Minimum 3 years’ experience in an organized Finance or Reporting department, preferably in the retail sector
• Customer Focus 
• Achievement drive, initiative taking and problem solving skills
• Very good communication and interpersonal skills 
• Focus on detail, good planning and organizational skills 
• Analytical thinking & Synthesis ability
• Ability to work under pressure and strict deadlines 
• Bachelor degree, preferably in Business administration or Finance
• Very good command of the English language 
• Very good knowledge of MS Office, especially Excel


You share the IKEA Values:

Youlead by example. You have the constant desire for renewal. You dare to be different while striving to meet reality and being cost conscious. You are humble and willing to accept and delegate responsibility. You have a hands on and Customer service driven approach. You have passion for retailing

We offer:
• Career and development prospects in one of the most successful commercial groups in Greece
• Extensive continuous training, locally and abroad      
• Competitive remuneration package 

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