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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Casino Operations Manager (Cyprus) - 031101

Operations Manager (Cyprus)-031101
Position Summary

The Operations Manager is always aware of and conversant with all local gaming legislation. He/She is Supervising gaming staff (Snr. Pit Managers, Pit Managers, Supervisors and Dealers) during gaming operations, ensuring that all games are dealt in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Casino. In general he/she is responsible upon opening to check all casino gaming equipment as appropriate.

The Operations Manager reports directly to the VP of Gaming Operations.

City of Dreams Mediterranean is looking for proactive, passionate, and progressive people who will shape the future of gaming and entertainment.
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Primary Responsibilities

Ensure the general tidiness of the gaming tables during operations;
As required, to request/receive, check and sign for cash chip floats upon opening gaming tables;
As appropriate, to request/receive, check and sign for fills/credits;
Ensure Pit Managers and Supervisors maintain control of gaming (Dealers and customers);
Ensure all bets are correctly placed;
As necessary, supervise transactions, ensure that cash drops are recorded and maintain awareness of table’s win/loss results;
At close of play, ensure that all tables closing documentation is completed legibly and accurately, and, that gaming signatories check and sign for all closing fill/credits and par floats;
As necessary and appropriate, supervise table cash counts, ensure that they are documented, legibly and accurately and sign for same;
Show "clean hands" as necessary and ensure that Dealers, Supervisors and Pit Managers do likewise;
 Perform the duties of Pit Manager as and when required;
Maximize gaming operations opportunities;
Be aware of and conversant with the Terms and Conditions of Employment and the Internal Regulations;
Ensure that all gaming staff adhere to the standard casino practices, policies & procedures, security practices, code of conduct, disciplinary code and any other related policy which is for the time being in force;
Ensure that gaming staff is allocated to the gaming tables according to the action and their abilities;
Monitor staff performance and complete appraisals and assessments as and when necessary;
Ensure that Dealers, Supervisors give clear and concise commentary on all gaming operations and transactions;
As applicable: on shift change/during gaming hours, to pass on relevant information to incoming/other Gaming Room Management;
Accept advice, guidance and direction given by the Senior Management;
Communicate to Senior Management, information resulting from staff team briefs and/or from day to day contact with staff;
As per requirements to complete and send reports e.g. Daily Incident Reports or others as necessary and appropriate;
Ensure that Dealers/Inspectors/Pit Bosses give the highest standard of customer;
Service /customer relations; e.g. identify customers gaming requirements: change for the game, regular bets, speed of the game, etc;
Identify and recognise valued clients/players and ensure that cash drop and win/loss details are collated and documented effectively;
Deal with customers in a polite and pleasant manner at all times and ensure Dealers/Supervisors/ Pit Managers do similar;
Identify new players who have no knowledge of the games and arrange for explanations/ instructions/presentation games as appropriate;
Participate in customer training sessions as required;
Resolve / settle any/all gaming disputes that may arise as effectively as possible. As necessary, report continued claims to Senior Management at the earliest opportunity;

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5+ years of relevant experience as a Operations Manager either in a casino operation
Skills / Competencies
English – advanced level;
Displays a high commitment to delivering results;
Leads others to achieve business objectives;
Communicates effectively;
Achieves agreed objectives and accepts accountability for results;
Displays the highest level of integrity;
Ability to maintain discretion;
Leadership skills;

Job Table Games
Primary LocationCyprus
Organization City of Dreams Mediterranean